• Winegrowers,
  • Cooperatives,
  • Unions of cooperatives,
  • Associations of producers,
  • Wine merchants.

The competition is also open to importers and wine traders.

All the rosé wines (still or effervescent) that meet the international code of oenological practice definition set by the International Vine and Wine Organisation are eligible to compete. All these products must bear indications of the country of origin where the grapes were harvested and vinified.
For wines produced in France, only those wines classified as ‘appellation d'origine protégée' or ‘indication géographique protégée', and declared as such in accordance with articles D.644-5 and D.646-6 of the rural and maritime fishing code, are eligible to compete. If they do not benefit from a geographical indication and if they are not presented with an indication of vintage or grape variety, only those wines whose vintage or grape variety have been certified in accordance with article R.665-24 of the rural and maritime fishing code will be eligible to compete.

There is no limitation. You can register as many wines as you wish.

  • Alcoholic strength at 20°C in % volume,
  • Alcoholic strength in power at 20°C in % volume,
  • Sugars (glucose+fructose) in g/L,
  • Total acidity in mEq/L,
  • Volatile acidity in mEq/L,
  • Total sulphurous anhydride in mg/L,
  • Pressure in bars for sparkling wines

The analysis report must be less than a year old.

Yes, these documents are obligatory and are demanded by French Customs. You can provide a declaration of demand or a declaration of harvest for AOP or IGP classified wines. For those wines that do not benefit from an indication of geographical origin and which are presented with an indication of vintage or grape variety, a demand for certification is obligatory (Article 4 of the decree of the 13th of February 2013 published in the JORF n°0045 page 3022).
For merchants/growers, your application must include a sworn attestation to the effect that all the wines used to blend the samples presented have been the subject of a declaration of demand or a demand for certification. When a batch of wine is presented in bulk in different containers, the sample presented must be composed of the blend of the samples taken from each of the containers and blended proportionately to the volumes of these containers.

You must send 4 bottles per sample. Each box must be marked Mondial du Rosé® and sent to:

ZIEGLER FRANCE - Agence Avignon
Max Gaillardet
ZI du Fournalet, 370 avenue Thomas Edison
Tel : +33(0)4 90 39 74 00

You must send 4 bottles per sample. Each box must be marked Mondial du Rosé®.

Your samples must be sent before the 8th of january 2021 to:

ZIEGLER FRANCE - Agence Avignon
Max Gaillardet
ZI du Fournalet, 370 avenue Thomas Edison
Tel : +33(0)4 90 39 74 00
Excises number: FR001 027 E 1007
Customs office: FR000270 Avignon CRD

The samples may be sent by the carrier of your choice (Colissimo, TNT, Exapaq, DHL, etc.). Please ensure that you track the delivery of your samples, as we cannot be held responsible in the event that your samples fail to reach us before the deadline, and we do not provide refunds.

Yes, you can initially register your samples and confirm your registration after having selected your payment method (Confirmed validation of your registration in real time if paying by bank card, later validation by the organisation if paying by bank transfer or by cheque)

You can then reconnect to your account at any time in order to:

  • Upload any necessary documents to your application file (analysis reports, declarations of demand or demands for certification, labels, certificates of compliance etc.).
  • Download your invoice from your account.
  • Register one or more further samples.

They are tasted solely by specialists in sensorial analysis: professionals from the wine sector (oenologists, journalists, knowledgeable consumers, etc.)

They are grouped in grape variety and/or origin categories. They are blind tasted and judged on 100 points on an evaluation grid jointly drawn up by the International Vine and Wine Organisation and the International Union of Oenologists.
The final mark is an average awarded by the 5 tasters who tasted the sample (2 French tasters – including an oenologist President – and 3 foreign tasters).
Based on this average mark, the sample is awarded a Gold medal, a Silver medal, or does not receive a medal.

The number of awards is limited to a maximum of 30% of the total number of products registered for the competition. For example: for a total of 1,000 products presented, a maximum of 300 medals will be awarded.

The results are published online on our website www.mondial-du-rose.com from the 25th of April 2017 (i.e. 24 hrs after the tasting). You can consult the list of winners on our website throughout the year, as well as the lists of previous winners.

In the weeks following the Mondial du Rosé® competition, you will also receive your invoice and your diploma (if your product is a winner) by post.

No, we also accept cheques and bank transfers. You simply need to specify your payment method when you register.

  • Cheques should be made payable to: EURL Œnologues de France
    A single cheque (payable to: EURL Œnologues de France) per corporate name, even if several samples are presented.
  • By bank transfer, payable to: EURL Œnologues de France
    Enclose a copy of your bank transfer order and in the "purpose of credit transfer" box note: Mondial du Rosé®.

Reminder: your registration remains on hold until validated by the organisation after receipt of your payment. You will be notified by email when the organisation has received the transfer to its bank account or the cheque by post. Your registration will then be validated.

Registering online saves time. You can register and then gradually complete your application file if you don't currently have all the necessary documentation.
It is also extremely simple thanks to your personalised space. Once your account is created, you can connect at any time to modify and complete your application. You can also pay for your registration, access and print out your invoices, diplomas and attestations of awards.

Register online for discounted rates

Discounted rates (by sample)

  • From 1 to 10 samples : 125 €
  • From 11 to 20 samples : 122.50 €
  • 21 samples and more : 120 €