Welcome to the sites of the Œnologists of France competitions.


Every year, the Œnologists of France organize the competitions, Vinalies® NationalesVinalies® InternationalesMondial du Rosé®, the Olivalies® and the Grands Vins du Languedoc-Roussillon® competitions whose organization requires the collection of personal data. The confidentiality and security of your data is very important to us.


The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to show you in a clear and transparent manner the data we collect, how we use it and your rights about it.


The conditions governing your use of the oenologists' service in France are defined in the regulations of each competition (Vinalies® National Regulations, Vinalies® International Regulations, World Rosé Regulation, Les Olivalies® Regulation and the Grands Vins du Languedoc-Roussillon® Regulations) and in the Terms of Use.

1. List of personal Information Collected

1.1 Personal data collected during your registration

1.1.1 Profile

This data is collected to identify your business and verify the legitimacy of your participation in the competition:


       business contact (name, e-mail),

       address (principal, secondary and third if necessary, postal code, city and country),

       phone number and Fax,

       the oenologist information (name, e-mail),

       account ID



1.1.2 Contact

This information is used for the public communication of the winners of the competitions on different media (print publications, newsletters, social networks, web and mobile applications):


       phone number,

       e-mail address.


1.2. Data collected during the ordering of the medallions

This data is collected to properly process your order:

       name, email and phone number of the person in charge of the order.

1.3 Personal data collected during your use of our service

       name, email and phone number of the person in charge of the order

       date the account was created

       date of the account modification

       sign-in information



2. Use of your personal data

The Œnologists of France undertake to practice a reasonable use of your personal data in accordance with the GDPR.


Here are the processes performed, the personal data that is used for each process and the setting in which it is performed (legal basis):

2.2 Registration for the competition

       Creation of a user account

       Registration of samples for the competition.

       Payment of registrations.



2.3 List distribution

The recipients of the awards are broadcast on:

       the dedicated competition site,

       the mobile application "Wine selection of the Œnologists of France".

2.4. Communication for related or marketing purposes

Sending informative emails concerning the competitions (opening of registrations, reminders of registrations, publication of results, valuation of wines and medal-winning products, etc.)

3. Sharing of your personal data

The Œnologists of France do not communicate any personal data to third parties for commercial purposes.


On the other hand, we use technical partners for the execution of certain processes (sending emails, statistical report and hosting providers).


All of these partners are committed to complying with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we are particularly vigilant about this.

4. Data conservation and suppression period

In case of inactivity on your part, and especially if you no longer visit the site or no longer use the application or react to emails that we send you, your personal data are automatically removed within a maximum period of 3 years after the last contractual relationship.


You may at any time request the deletion of your personal data by writing to the data protection representative of the Œnologists of France ( In this case, we will remove this data so that you can no longer be identified, except where the data will be retained for another legal purpose, for example in the following situations:


       legitimate interests of the Œnologists of France (unresolved problem of payment or litigation concerning you, prevention of fraud, security);

       compliance with legal or tax obligations.

       list distribution during the current year.

5. Users' rights and procedures for exercising these rights

The General Regulations on Data Protection (GDPR) gives you since May 25, 2018 new rights concerning your personal data. We have therefore added new features that allow you to exercise them.


The following rights apply to your personal data collected by the Œnologists of France:


       Right of access: you can at any time ask us to access the personal data we process;

       Right of rectification: you can ask us to modify or update your personal data when it is inaccurate or incomplete;

       Right of cancellation: you have the right to ask us to permanently delete your personal data. In this case, we will proceed to the removal of your contact information in order to keep the competition list intact.

       Right of restriction: you can ask us to cease temporarily or permanently the processing of all or part of your personal data;

       Right of opposition: you can refuse at any time the processing of your personal data for personal reasons.

       Right to data portability: you can ask us for a copy of your personal data in electronic format, these data are yours: you can transmit them if you wish.


You can exercise your rights at any time by sending us an email with your details and a copy of a proof of identity to the following address:


In the event of the death of the user, the heirs proving their identity may ask at the same address to take into consideration the death and therefore remove the personal data of the deceased.


In the case of a favourable response to your request, we undertake to respond within one month, except in particular cases where you will be kept informed of the processing time.

6. Security of personal data

Securing your personal data is crucial to us.


We adopt a set of technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of your data, especially data encryption and access control procedures to enhance our security.


We also use a monitoring system to detect any flaws or attempted intrusions as soon as possible.


We hope that this document has allowed you to know more about the use of your personal data.


If you still have questions or if you wish to exercise your rights, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:


The data protection officer of the Œnologists of France can be contacted at the following address:


If you are not satisfied with the answer given to you, you also have the possibility to lodge a complaint with the CNIL.